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Working to improve public policies so they benefit all people

PCDI am an active leader in Project Civil Discourse, a special initiative of the Arizona Humanities Council working in collaboration with more than 20 organizations from around the state to provide opportunities for the public to participate in trainings, forums, and special events that share, model, and provide insight on collaborative problem-solving. The program goal is to widely share proven skills than can enhance and improve debate and discussion about important issues that affect our future.

The Project Civil Discourse mission recognizes that to advance society and improve the quality of life in Arizona, we must be prepared to discuss potentially divisive issues, such as growth, education, healthcare, religion, race, immigration, and transportation.  Our democracy is dependent upon a responsible citizenry that can, and will, wrestle with these tough issues, without partisanship, while maintaining respect for the need to hear, understand, and take into account different viewpoints.

PCDAs a member of the Project Civil Discourse planning committee, I’ve provided leadership for three events:

Speaking Not Shouting: A Community Conversation About Health Care Reform” brought together more than 130 people on December 1, 2009. Please download and read:

Arizona’s Sales Tax Referendum Town Hall: A Demonstration of Civil Dialogue and Discussion” engaged 100 people on May 6, 2010. Please download and read.

PCDA Community Conversation on Immigration” on August 19, 2010 was the first collaboration of Project Civil Discourse and Collaborative Spark. More than 150 participants focused first on personal experiences and thoughts about the current state of immigration in Arizona, then on the impact of immigration issues on the community, and finally on how participants will address immigration issues and opportunities in a civil and respectful way. Persons passionate about continuing the conversation and convening future gatherings posted discussion topics with their contact information.

Please visit the Project Civil Discourse website at

I am a participant in the Arizona Study Circle, a community of practice built around the intensive study and practice of message framing. We focus on implementing the concepts and strategies of Strategic Frame Analysis™ to advance public policy. For more information, please visit

Arizona Town Hall

As part of my commitment to changing public policies in ways that enhance the quality of life for all persons, I am an active member of Arizona Town Hall.  Since 1962, Arizona Town Hall has served as a "think tank" of Arizona leaders.  Town Hall recommendations are a valuable resource for policymakers because they do not represent the agenda of a particular group or political perspective.  Instead, Arizona Town Hall reports contain the informed consensus of Arizonans from different political parties, professions, and geographic areas of the state.  A private, nonprofit civic organization, Arizona Town Hall has served as a catalyst for conversations and recommendations that have influenced significant changes in Arizona's public policy over the years.  Countless local, state, and national leaders have cited Arizona Town Hall as an important factor in educating people about the multiple facets of complex issues and fostering the development of personal and professional leadership skills.

Governor Napolitano In support of the Arizona Town Hall process, I have served as development director, Town Hall recorder, report chair, and panel chair, and communications specialist on topics that include civic leadership, transportation, land use, water resources, education, healthcare, affordable housing, and the impact of Arizona's rapid growth and development on infrastructure, natural resources, and human services.

Please visit the Arizona Town Hall website at


"Sharon combines high levels of professionalism, efficiency, and communication skills with a vast knowledge of core substantive areas. She is a valuable asset to any organization."
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