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Drawing together and connecting

The vision of Flanagan-Hyde Solutions is for every client to experience the results of:
  • Listening with attention
  • Responsive flexibility
  • Integrative thinking
  • Analytical excellence
  • Innovative solutions
  • Speaking and writing with intention

The ancient Celts crafted intricate brooches to gather and clasp woven fabrics. These brooches inspired the logo of Flanagan-Hyde Solutions. A symbol of strength, the triple spiral represents synthesis, continuity, and balance.

I continually strive to follow these principles:

Keep mission, vision, and values at the center of every initiative and activity. This helps keep efforts on track and the strategies, tools, and other deliverables that I develop with clients are more likely to have “staying power.”

Focus first on assets and strengths.
Start with an in-depth understanding of what is working well, rather than with an inventory of deficits and needs. Both research and my experience show that a strengths-based approach is highly effective in building capacity and interpersonal bonds. Problems are not ignored, but they are not the starting point.

Take a systems perspective
. Develop an understanding about how all the people, roles, and activities in an organization interconnect and affect one another, and how the contributions and behaviors of each person influences the success of other individuals and the organization as a whole in fulfilling its mission.

Believe that people have the capacity to be self-accountable
. A workplace in which each staff member is assumed to be competent and committed fosters self-accountability, trust, and the ability to discuss difficult issues in a caring, compassionate way. This leads to higher productivity, better coordination, and the energy to effectively execute the organization’s mission.

Recognize that cultural diversity encompasses a wide range of differences and makes groups stronger
. My understanding of diversity includes ethnic group, language, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, education, personality, workplace tenure, cognitive style, work style, skills, technical capabilities, roles in an organization and community, personal background, and other tangible and intangible factors.

Co-create the process. Every organization knows itself better than does the best consultant. I bring knowledge, experience, and proven tools. My clients bring insights and specific information about individual and organizational hopes, strengths, opportunities, and needs. Together, we draw together the elements needed for success.


"Sharon provides her clients with outstanding service, using her superior research, writing, and facilitation skills to analyze and weave the threads of facts and consensus until clarity emerges."
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